Cyprus Offshore Company Formation



By incorporating in Cyprus, a business gains a wide range of competitive advantages, including:


A uniform corporate tax rate of 10% is introduced for all companies.

Dividend income is exempt from tax in Cyprus irrespective of its source, provided certain conditions are satisfied. Where the exemption does not apply, 20% defence tax is payable but credit for foreign tax suffered is given irrespective of the existence of a treaty.

Profit from the disposal of securities is exempt from tax in Cyprus.

Profits of a permanent establishment maintained abroad by a Cyprus company are exempt from tax in Cyprus.

There is no withholding tax on dividends paid to non-resident shareholders.

There is no withholding tax on interest payments made abroad. There is no withholding tax on the payment of royalties derived from outside Cyprus.

Cyprus has concluded over 34 Double Tax Treaties.

All Cypriot companies must appoint a company secretary, who may be a natural person or body corporate. It is advisable to appoint a resident company secretary.

The minimum share capital for a Cyprus incorporation is 1EURO and there is no maximum capital. This can be converted into any currency.

For a company to take advantage of the 10% corporation tax, the company must be controlled from Cyprus and have a resident Director, Secretary and Registered Office. Which is why on the premier package there may be the applicant as a director and also a nominee director.

A limited liability company is formed in Cyprus under the Companies Law Cap 113, which is based on the English Companies Act 1948. Company accounts will need to be filed yearly along with the Annual return.

Whats Included:


Incorporation of a Cyprus Company

Cyprus Government Registration Fees

Registration with Cyprus Tax Office (TIC Number)

Registered Office for 1 Year

Registered Agent for 1 Year

Certificate of Incorporation

Provison of Memorandum and Articles of Association in Greek and Translation into English

Certificate of Registered Office Address

Certificates of Directors and Secretary

Company Stamp