UK reporting requirements

We have listed below some of the reporting requirements of a company in the UK which we at KRA will gladly take full responsibility for and act on your behalf.

A company must maintain Statutory Registers containing the above, and other, company information. These include the Register of Members, Register of Directors and Secretaries, Register of Directors’ Interests in Shares, Minutes of General Meetings, Minutes of Directors Meetings and the Register of Written Resolutions.


These registers must be available for inspection at the registered office or in some cases, at another nominated office. Any changes to the directors or secretary (or their personal details), to the registered office or any allotment of further shares must be reported to the Registrar of Companies on the prescribed form.

There are many other instances where prescribed forms must be filed with the Registrar of Companies these include: increase in authorised share capital; allotment of shares and registration of mortgages and charges. At least one general meeting of the members must be held every year, unless they elect not to hold such a meeting, and minutes of the meetings must be kept.
An annual audit by external auditors of the accounting records of the business should be carried out if it is over the minimum size which is …

An Annual Return must be completed annually and be delivered to Companies House, it must contain current information about the Company, its officers and members.

We at KRA can help you fulfill all these obligations to ensure you open a successful branch or sales arm for your business in the UK to facilitate your expansion in Europe.